Special Cuts is centred around Alex (Kadeem Wilson/Rashiem Shepherd), a singleparent, barber and business owner working to secure a future for A.J. (Oraine Meikle), his teenage son who is an aspiring recording artiste. In a web of love and jealously, Alex is trapped between Tina (Sabrina Thomas), his friend and business partner, and Lisa (Aisha Ritchie/Aisha Davis), a long-time friend, who both have opposing secret objectives. Things get extremely intense between Tina and Lisa when they start working together, whilst Alex is forced to confront A.J. with a secret which may change everyone’s life forever. What will the truth reveal? Will Alex be able to free himself from this web? Will Lisa and Tina ever see eye-to-eye? All is revealed in the beauty salon, Special Cuts. Special Cuts is written by Rashiem Shepherd and is directed by David Tulloch.