Michael Anthony Tingling had his formative years in the parish of St. James, where he was influenced and guided by his paternal grandmother. She cultivated certain basic but necessary principles such as honesty, loyalty, punctuality, spirituality and ambition. This helped to solidify positive personality traits in him, and he displayed a caring, though outspoken, determined nature, as a high achiever among his peers. At Cambridge Primary School he excelled in major sporting activities, and became a popular student lauded by his teachers and schoolmates. At age 17 he relocated to Kingston where he resided with his father, who taught him new survival skills and propelled him into manhood as he started to earn his own money.

He entered a totally different environment when he was offered the opportunity to work as an assistant in the HEADSTART BOOK STORE, downtown Kingston. This led to interaction with other young Rastafarians, which included the video directors Ras Kassa, and Ras Asher.  This association piqued his interest in video production and he was subsequently drafted into the fold, initially as caterer.  He jumped in with enthusiasm, eager to learn all aspects of video production, and was recognized as a quick learner. Having acquired the name ‘RAS TINGLE’ he observed and learned the rudiments of video production, from the concept, preproduction, execution editing to the final product, which offered him opportunities to work alongside international crews on film sets. Armed with new skills and passion he quickly gained new opportunities to be the man behind the camera lens on a number of local music videos. He directed ground breaking videos such as MAMA CRY – Beenie Man, MESSENGER – Tessanne Chin, COWBOYS – Buju Banton, LUCKY MAN – Courtney John, and MAMA’S HANDS – Eye to name a few

He was offered the opportunity to work with a newly formed group of concordant film makers, where he wrote and directed his first short film, PARISH BULL, which won the hearts of audiences both home and abroad.

He aims to add new dimension to another short film project and to subsequently write and direct a feature film.  

Michael ‘Ras Tingle’ Tingling lives by this thought process – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!