Nadean Rawlins has over 20 years of experience as an actress, having started with the Jamaica National Pantomime in 1996. Nadean her debut as director in 2009 when she directed 'Miss Burton Get A Promotion' for Kingston on the Edge 8x10 and has since directed Dahlia Harris' 'Her Last Cry', Aston Cooke's 'Country Duppy' and Karl Williams' 'The Black That I Am' and was an International Theatre Institute (ITI) Actorboy Awards nominated director for Dave Hall's 'Dutty Money'. She has been featured in productions on both television and film. 'Real Friends' and 'Mi and Mi Kru' 2 television sitcoms on Television Jamaica and films, 'Respect the Jeux', 'Destiny' and 'Sprinter'.


Rawlins was awarded the ITI Actorboy Award for Best Supporting Actress three times and Best Actress for the lead role in The University Players' 'Departure in the Dark' in 2014.

Rawlins is a theatrical producer having done work in theatre productions and Television. Founder of RAW Managemanet. a Talent Management / Talent Agency and Production Co. Nadean believes firmly in developing and promoting talents through advancement and international exposure. By integrating more than 20 years as a professional actress, experience in business development, marketing and public relations, Nadean is able to provide the most successful expertise and multi-level platforms for RAW's Talents from the most-seasoned to the rising stars.