DARIO SHIELDS (Jamaican born Film Maker / Writer & Director based in Montego Bay, Jamaica)












My name is Dario Shields, a 32 year old Accountant turned Filmmaker born and bred in the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. My transition to filmmaking was officially in 2014, but I would like to think that I have done film all my life on the basis on how strangely I see the world. I love the world of film and humbled by the opportunity to create. To date, I have done 19 films and documentaries, receiving awards both locally and internationally

Film has taken a huge part of the latter years of my life but it takes nothing from me enjoying life. For fun, I skate, I go to the beach and I spend time not just feeding but understanding the stories of the homeless. I volunteer where possible and give back where I can. I stand by my beliefs that with one stroke of kindness at a time, I believe we can all make the world a better place.

In my hope to give back to the youth and to the betterment of my country I created a 3 month program in 2015 to teach teens and young adults the art of filmmaking starting off with 13 students at my alma mater, Cornwall College with 9 of them completing the program. I then went on to teach the program to students at the St James High School and also young adults that were being mentored by the Youth Information Centre in Montego Bay.

It has been a challenging but truly humbling journey in the world of film and photography and just finding my way around it with this passion, this drive, this unyielding to break the ceiling, to destroy the impossibilities has birth in me so many impactful programs and films to help to make the world at least 1% better. At the end of my life, whether tomorrow, next week or next 40 years, I want to know that I did the best I could to help to make our country better, our next generation better, and overall just anyone that I was blessed enough to have graced their presence. I try to take nothing for granted and I try to use my life and my journey as a message as a beacon, of hope, that says nothing is impossible.

It is my hope to one day create a film so impactful to earn Best Picture and Best Director at the Academy Awards and to also inspire others through the stories I create. But, even I don’t I am contented with the fact that I did my best, I tried and I allowed nothing or no one to break me.

Currently, I have 2 short films in Post-Productions, my first feature, RED CARD is now in the final stages of it’s writing stage and I am about to do a world tour with a film that is truly dear to my heart, a film I called KNOCK KNOCK.